The Ultimate Method for Achieving Any Goal, Dream, or Desire

By Imran Rahman in Manifesting Dreams on February 29th, 2008 / 4 Comments

One of the many reasons why we are here on Earth is to learn. Our experience of life can be likened to a kindergarten for souls where we naturally learn valuable lessons through the consequences of our free will. The main idea is to advance life forward as a whole from knowledge gained primarily through our own personal experiences.

Upon gaining a certain level of awareness, the wise and the fortunate realize that there is a wealth of information which has already been discovered and validated by geniuses of the past. It makes no sense to them to “re-invent the wheel” per say.

The studying of classic books and literature will allow an individual to catch up on timeless principles for lasting success, vibrant health, loving relationships, and abundant finances, laid out in detail only waiting for someone to come and apply the knowledge. The principles which allow a person to accomplish any goal, dream, or desire in life can be found throughout history. I do not take credit for the creation of these principles, only the arrangement and presentation which I believe to be most conducive in sharing this knowledge with others.

As the captains of our souls, we are fully responsible for our lives beyond the point where we begin to think for ourselves. Sometime in our teenage years, we ought to be given this very article in our schools to use as a formula for the attainment of any goal, dream, or desire. My only hope is that you APPLY this knowledge since knowledge without application is incapable of producing results.

Choose exactly what you want to accomplish and the date by which to do it
The first step in the accomplishment of any goal is to know what you want to accomplish. Although this may sound very simplistic to some, a huge chunk of the masses does not accomplish any goals because they don’t have any. When a person does not have any goals, their lives are subject to the wills and plans of those who do know what they want to achieve. Whether we are talking about a person, an organization, or a country, a reason for existence must be present in order to create coherent, lasting results. Without a chosen mission, it is impossible to know the course of action to take when having to react to the thousands of different situations thrown our way in life.

A great analogy for a person’s life is that of a boat leaving for the oceans. If the boat was to leave without a captain, without a crew, without someone to direct and control its course, it is most certain to be destructed or found deserted at an island. Now install a crew on the same boat and assign a destination, the captain and his crew will do everything they can to steer the boat so that it will reach its chosen destination. Same with a person’s life, without knowing the end in mind it is impossible to get there.

It is also crucial to have a set date by when you wish to accomplish your goal. When you know what you want to accomplish but do not have a date to accomplish it by, it is likely that you will not take the action necessary to attain it because you will get caught up in this thing called “life.” On the other token, when a person chooses a date to accomplish a goal by, they can “work it backwards.” For example, if you decide to lose 30 lbs and know that you want to lose it in 3 months, then you will know that you need to lose 10 lbs in one month or approximately 2 ½ lbs each week to stay on track.

Totally commit to accomplishing your desired result
The second step is to genuinely commit yourself to accomplishing your desired result. It is one thing to know that you want to accomplish a result and a whole another to commit to accomplishing it NO MATTER WHAT. Without the presence of commitment, a person can have a goal with a date to accomplish it yet continue to practice old habits and not take the action necessary for the attainment of their goal.

An ultimate example of commitment is that of the general who burnt his naval fleet upon arriving at his enemy’s island. He informed his soldiers that the only way for them to leave the island alive is to conquer the enemy’s land. Do or Die. I am not suggesting we all go to such an extreme in our lives. However, it is crucial to note that a deep level of commitment is essential to the attainment of a desire.

So if we continue with our example of deciding to lose 30 lbs in 3 months, one of the things which will enliven our commitment each day is to read out loud every morning when we wake up and before we go to sleep, with our hand on our heart, “I commit to eating healthier foods and running for ½ an hour 6 days a week to lose 30 lbs in 3 months. I can and I will.”

Acquire knowledge and gather facts about what is involved in accomplishing your result
The third step to accomplishing your desire is to acquire knowledge and gather facts about what is necessary to attain that which you are after. Even before you can put a date by when to accomplish your goal, you will need to have some kind of an idea about what is involved. You need to be mildly realistic, since setting goals which are too big for yourself to believe will only set you up for disappointment and failure. Now, there is a big difference between dreaming big and being unrealistic. Dreaming big would be to know that you can accomplish any realistic goal that you set your mind to. Being unrealistic is saying that you will lose 30 lbs in 1 week. It is imperative that you think big and set a realistic goal at the same time. As you achieve smaller goals you will begin to realize that you can and will achieve bigger goals as well.

In our example of wanting to lose 30 lbs in 3 months, this step will consist of reading up on which foods are the healthiest and most optimal for weight loss, and which foods to avoid at all costs. It would also include researching the most effective exercises which get your heart pumping fast and get your body to burn the fat stored inside. It would be to research different gyms or health clubs to see which you may like to join. The knowledge gained from researching what you want to accomplish will allow you to assess where you currently are and provide you with information which will be useful for the next step.

Create a detailed, step by step plan
The fourth step to accomplishing a goal is to create a detailed, step by step plan. This plan would consist of the actual action you would perform each day to attain your wish. The reason why a plan is a requirement to achieve a goal is because it allows a person to get specific. The more specific and detailed a person can get the better. The reason is because when a person is not specific, they are vague. When it comes times to make decisions or what to do, vagueness will never serve one’s cause.

You may have heard of the seven Ps of Success before, they go like this; Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance. The fact of the matter is that a plan serves as a map. Just as a map allows a person to recognize where they are, where their destination is, and the route to get there, a plan allows one to track the progress of their journey. If one realizes they are not in integrity with the previously decided plan, the course of action can easily be corrected by making appropriate changes to the plan.

In our example of wanting to lose 30 lbs in 3 months, the plan would consist of choosing to eat certain foods only and to drink a set amount of water each day. It will also consist of exercising consistently in a certain manner which yields the best results. A step by step plan also allows a person to track their progress. If at the end of the first month you have only lost 7 lbs, then you know you need to step up the pace a bit to lose 13 in the month ahead.

Take sustained, lasting action
The fifth step towards the fulfillment of any desire or goal is to take sustained, lasting action. You could say that this is where the rubber meets the road. All the knowing, committing, researching, and planning are useless without the application of your plan. Of the many who know what they want and have good ideas on how to go about it, most will fail because they simply do not take action. It is one thing to act one time, or twice, or three times, but it is a whole another ball game to continue to take sustained action over a period of weeks, months, and years. The results produced by such a persistent effort speak for themselves. An individual can never achieve a goal simply by dreaming about it all day. At some point they must act in order to achieve it. Simply put, action serves as a bridge between knowledge and results.

It is also very important to note that we live in four different worlds at the same time. These four are our spiritual world, emotional world, mental world, and of course physical world. The first three create the fourth. Action connects the first three to the fourth. So if you find it difficult to take sustained action, you will need to go back to your spiritual, emotional, and mental worlds. It is only when these three are positively conditioned over time that you will take the action necessary to imprint their beliefs into your physical world.

Observe results and change your plan until you achieve your goal
The sixth step towards the attainment of one’s desire is to observe the results being produced and acknowledging their alignment with that which is desired. Another label for this step can be evaluation and correction. This is where the actions are fine tuned and altered if the need be. If one continued to take action without observing the outcomes of those actions, results produced may not be what one wants or those which move one closer to their ultimate goal. It is very probable that we will need to change the course of action along the way in order to get exactly what we are looking for. This openness allows one to be flexible since the only constant in life is change. We will need to adjust our plan as often as it is required until we achieve our objective.

The bottom line is quite simple. In order to achieve any goal, dream, or desire, we must choose precisely what we want and commit to its’ attainment in our heart of hearts. We must research what is involved and transmute the findings into a step by step plan which is to be followed each and every day. We must take sustained, lasting action and correct our course until we achieve the desired goal. An individual will achieve any objective plugged into this method since it is founded upon timeless universal principles guaranteed to produce desired results.

I hope that you acknowledge it is OK to start out small, as long as you realize that you CAN finish big. My wish is that you achieve that which you set out to accomplish in such a manner that it creates a better world for all.

About the author:
Imran Rahman is a young entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and author living in Tampa, FL. He has a deep passion for sharing the exact science of creating results and achieving dreams. He has chosen sharing knowledge with others in the areas of spirituality, success, happiness, health, relationships and finances as his life mission. He can be contacted at

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4 Responses to “The Ultimate Method for Achieving Any Goal, Dream, or Desire”

  1. Martien van Steenbergen Says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Great article. And I fully agree with its spirit. However, I have some negative experiences with this approach. Especially with respect to the planning and specific end results part.

    Personally, I’m a big fan of ever evolving planning (“agile software development” is my background) and choosing exactly what I want to accomplish and the date by which to do it, I find that some others have serious troubles with this. In fact, some of them even are repulsed by the idea of planning and being very specific with the end results.

    I have personally experienced the fragmentation of a group of people sharing a burning desire, but quarreling about exactly the points of end result, planning, and processes. So much so, that it disintegrated the group.

    TMO, it has become very important to shape a self-selecting team that attracts not only those individuals sharing the dream, but also share the approach (processes, methods, etc.) to manifest the dream.

    The other thing is that, in group efforts, having a “benevolent dictator” is an enormous evolutionary advantage. Evidence of this can be seen in Linus Thorvalds and Linux, Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia, and even Steve Jobs and Apple.

    Authoroties like Fritjof Capra and Kevin Kelly emphasize this often overlooked property of successful manifestations and base their views on research from the field of simplexity (complex adaptive systems).

    I welcome your views on this topic.

    Succes en plezier,


  2. Imran Rahman Says:

    Dear Martien,

    Thank you for reading the article and sharing your thoughts.

    The philosophy behind the article is one I choose to live my life by, which is simply; in life everything has two creations. First, we create what we desire in our mind, whether it is done consciously on unconsciously. And second, we create whatever we desired in our mind in the physical world. Our thoughts and feelings are the roots for our actions, which are the means to our results.

    If I hear you correctly, you are saying that you are in agreement with the approach in the article yourself; however you have experienced disagreements with its acceptance in a group setting. Am I correct in my understanding of what you said? I encourage you to continue to believe in what you find yourself to ring as truth in your heart regardless of what others believe because the universe is bringing this understanding to you since you are ready for it. I have personally been involved in the self-improvement and self-achievement field on a daily basis for over 7 years now. I have come to realize that planning is crucial to achievement because it allows a foundation for one to build upon. Once the foundation is laid, the floor-plans can be altered as the building is built floor upon floor.

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the necessity of a “visionary” when it comes to any group setting, personal or business. Without an individual fathering the process of the reason behind the existence of a group, its destiny is at the helm of wherever life chooses to take it.

    Again, I thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. D.Bheemeswar Says:

    For the kind information, there is nothing called as ultimate method, every methods is trail and error only, some times we may be successful in the first trial it self. This number trails all depends on the situation and circumstances. Try each and every method and learn it by practice, this only makes one to feel something. As you all may know that a person has not grown in one hour or one day. Nations and traditions were not built in one day. Even the science and technology is not built in one day. The quest for learning goes on and on as far as life goes on this earth. To quench for that thirst never ends, it is a continuous process, which has no end. But our body has. Not the soul. But the soul searching is so difficult that the brains of humans do not agree. As far as I know the thirst for this searching goes on and on to meet this soul and brain. What I feel is then only one can be successful.

  4. Martien van Steenbergen Says:

    Dear Imran,

    Your understanding of my point is correct. Thank you for your response, confirmation and encouragement.

    You can take my point on “the necessity of a “visionary” when it comes to any group setting” much much stronger. I really mean a benevolent dictator.

    To quote Kevin Kelly on Wikipedia’s “faster than biological evolution” succes:

    But it doesn’t take very long to discover — if we look hard and honestly — that none of these innovations is pure hive mind, and that the supposed paragon of adhocracy — the Wikipedia itself — is itself far from strictly bottom-up. In fact a close inspection of Wikipedia’s process reveals that it has an elite at its center, (and that it does have an elite center is news to most). Turns out there is far more deliberate top-down design management going on than first appears. This is why Wikipedia has worked in such a short time.

    Time is what ad-hoc systems need, which we have so little of. The main drawback to pure unadulterated darwinism is that it takes place in biological time — eons. Who has eons to wait during internet time? Nobody. Which is where Jimmy Wales enters the picture.


    And Fritjof Capra, in his book “The Hidden Connection” says: A community operates much more effective when someone is authorized to make and take decisions when there are conflicts of interest or stake (within the community). These social regulations provide the community with a great evolutionary advantage.

    Again, thank you for your attention and answer.

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