The Uncertain

By Mohamed Darwish in Affirmation, Awareness, Beliefs on September 30th, 2011 / 4 Comments

There are many things in life that we know for sure that it will happen sooner or later. It is things that whatever we do to prevent it never we succeed. Many things we are certain that it will happen over the course of life.

Questions that have no answers leave us occupying our minds with some of nonsense of medieval times. What are those questions and why do we ask ourselves these types of questions?!

Since mankind existed on earth they have questioned the reason of their existence: why I am here? How and when did we become the only dominant creatures of the known universe? Are we really the only beings of our kind who possess this knowledge? What knowledge do we really possess if we can’t answer the most pressing questions?

Every time we begin to think about the beginning and ask those questions, we feel like jumping off the cliff! Are you cursed to be a thinker? When it comes to asking these kinds of questions, then it seems that ignorance would be an absolute bliss.

When we don’t find answers, why do we tend to blindly believe anybody who might say nothing more than nonsense? Why we are always looking for something to rely on? Is it because we are stupid or just because we are lost by not knowing better?

Looking for the beginning will never end as long as there are some cursed thinkers in the world; at least the world now is more open-minded to allow those who questioned life to be alive!

In the past, we have read of many prophets: men and women who had different kinds of inspiration that made their voices heard; carving their names into the history of mankind. Some had miracles and others were murdered. One of them spent some time inside a whale, whilst another changed the water into wine. Whatever they once did and whatever we were later told does not change the simple fact – those people had an idea and they struggled to defend their opinions to their last drop of blood. All the prophets, messengers and even the scientists who tried to change whatever people believed in have had a hard time getting people to understand their worldview.

Looking back thousands of years, most of the followers of all the prophets were people who had nothing to lose. These people found an element of freedom in the prophets’ messages. Most of the People who had a hard life and the slaves who found their freedom with the men who said that people are equal now are creating some kind of unbalance in the life scale.

Are we really equal? And who said so?

Thousands of years and people were divided to segments starting with the highest in power are the royals then the nobles, priests and teachers, then the public and slaves. Whenever the last to segments gets louder and louder the top segments practice their right of smashing them or as they thought it was their right to do so!

So when someone comes up with some kind of new opinions that says people are equal of course the people who were living in luxury will have a different word on that new prophesy.

The only thing that all the rollers who belongs to different faith and different language agreed upon is rejecting any teaching that will make people equal! It is about wealth and power so we shouldn’t be equal! Those people didn’t even think that slaves and labor are humans as if they were made of different mixture!

The trinity of power consists of three elements: authority, money, and god. To be able to rule you have to possess the three elements of the power’s triangle: authority to punish, Money to be desired, and god to convince the illiterate to believe that you were appointed by god and by obeying you they are obeying god! God was the means of justification of bloodshed throughout the history of mankind. Wars and massacres have often been conducted in the name of God.

The whole idea of life doesn’t make any sense and when the religions tried to explain the purpose of life they make it sounds like a fairy tale and some kind of terrifying nonsense. It is like telling a child that if he lies he is going to hell! If you look at the child’s face you will see fear and some kind of anger and confusion and deeply the child thinks you are insane.

When people got stuck and found themselves are miserable they refer their failure to the god’s well! As we all heard from many people, life is a test! It is an endless test that every religion claims that they have the right re-copies to pass it.

If I am not mistaken, all the religions in the entire world didn’t really explain any details of the reason why we are here? The majority believe that our only purpose is to obey and pray. So god created us only to worship him, really?! Did god need somebody to worship him and that was the only reason we have been created!

Too many questions yet to be answered before we can say that we are certain about any faith, have we answered those questions? If you are not certain about what you believe in or at least have evidence that what you believe in is right then how you would assume that others are wrong? What makes you right and others are wrong?

How can you walk if you don’t have legs? Definitely you can dream that you are walking on the clouds, but there is a huge difference between walking and imagining that you are walking in fact imagining something doesn’t make it real.

Faith is submission to a creator which means believe in the unknown Nothing wrong about having faith even if it is illogical but some people always feel the belonging to something beyond their understanding and from this point if they question they will end up believing in nothing or become a fundamentalist in their own dilemma.

Believing that life started from nothing is nothing but nothing. How a nothing becomes something from nothing without the well of someone?

Actually if you believe that life started from nothing then you believe in the creator and you don’t even know it.  All the religious texts clearly state that god created life from nothing – so before you deny the existence of a creator why don’t you read what was claimed to be from god in many books? Then, when you try to rely on the big bang theory you might find some kind of big bang in some religious texts!

If you want to enjoy your life then try not to think about things that god doesn’t want you to think about because thinking is a curse and ignorance is bliss when it comes to these kinds of questions!

Isn’t this what you have been told when you started to ask your teacher in school or a priest in a church that you are not allowed to ask certain questions?

This is the ignorance that spread throughout Europe, influencing people to support the kings’ plans to invade other nations and destroy their civilizations in the name of god. What do you think god is? A psychopath!!

Whether you have faith or not – if there is a creator, then he is capable of taking care of his own creation without your interference. What would happen if everybody didn’t believe in god? Will god get angry like a human and destroy you because he gave you the freewill to choose and then you didn’t chose what makes god happy!

If the creator said in all the books that people are believing in  that he loves you either you believed or not then why would he change his mind and say that you have to be killed because you didn’t believe , would that make sense to you ? would you believe that god or the creator is behaving like a human ?

Are you certain about anything in life? If you are, then ignorance is bliss. God bliss you.

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4 Responses to “The Uncertain”

  1. abdalla hashish Says:

    this is a good explanation for a big question faces us when we try to find the truth.
    Thanks darwish

  2. Ayman Elfeel Says:

    The message was sent a few times through the human history and I do not beleive it is too hard to understand that Yes, we have been created to wirship.

  3. Darwish Says:

    Believe in what you want to believe in but be open to other beliefs simply because you are not sure of anything. It is called faith and everyone’s faith is considered his guidance through the life. If everyone believes that he is right then who is wrong?

  4. S. R. Says:

    Those who were forcibly converted by imperialist invaders are the most faithful. Ignorance and fear allows religion to keep people divided in order for the few to rule. One would hope that people wake up and fight against this manipulation… or at least develop the intelligence to question the divine authority of corrupt leadership.

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