Four Universal Elements of Manifestation Success

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There are four universal elements involved in magic or manifestation. The universe is made up of four universal elements which are wind, water, earth and fire. They are also the elements of creation. Therefore in your work of reality creation, these four elements must be used for your manifestation to be complete. The reason for any failure of manifestation is only because of misalignment in any of these elements. Four is the number of creation. The more you know about the universe, the better you can create.

The first element which is wind represents intention. Wind or air is the mental plane of reality. It is the plane of pure information or data. In using the element of wind, you are dealing with pure thought. In this realm, you can use visualization, affirmation and pure intent which can also be referred to as goal setting. These three activities take place on the mental plane. You can use any of these three or all of them together. Have an intent or goal to achieve, visualize the outcome and affirm that it is materialized.

The second element which is water represents emotion. Water is the emotional or astral plane of reality. It is the plane of desire. Whatever you feel manifests first on this plane. In this realm, you can use the act of generating emotion for manifestation. This is where you get the feeling of having already attained your desire. Energy is needed for creation and your feeling is the energy. Feelings of peace, joy and gratitude provides the energy for manifesting like conditions. Your feeling is resonance and attraction.

The third element which is earth represents action. Earth is the ethereal and physical plane of reality. It is the plane of materialization. Many a times, your desires already exist in the mental and emotional plane of reality, but you are required to take action to complete the manifestation process. Inspired action is the avenue by which ideas are brought into form on the material plane. Action is what enables you to be part of the manifestation process. The joy is in experiencing creation happening through you.

The forth element which is fire represents righteousness. Fire is the soul or causal plane of reality. It is the plane of divine will. If your intentions are in alignment with the intents of your higher self, then it has allowance to manifest. You may have visualized, felt your desire as a reality and taken inspired action but still haven’t experienced the manifestation of your desire. That is because according to righteousness, it is not the right time or setting. Your higher self is handling the entire process of unfoldment.

Although there are four elements of creation, there is also a fifth one by which all four arises from. The fifth element is emptiness or void. It is not really empty or void but it is simply pure, undefined energy. This energy is consciousness which is differentiated into all four aspects of itself which are intent, emotion, action and higher intent. One must bring the mind to a state of emptiness by clearing all thoughts except for one, which is the intent. From a state of single mindedness, your intention has great clarity.

All four elements of your manifestation must be working in harmony with one another for it to succeed. You must visualize and affirm what you desire instead of what you do not desire. You must feel the joy of having your desire instead of the fear of lacking it. You must do everything in alignment with your intent instead of acting in ways that are opposite to it. You must also detach and trust in divine order and divine timing of your higher self to arrange the unfoldment. With the four in alignment, you cannot fail.

There is also another aspect of righteousness which is karma. Virtuous deeds will be recompensed by desirable gains while deeds that lack virtue will attract retribution. The universe is a mirror. What you do will be reflected back to you. Give and it shall be given back to you. When you express abundance by giving to others for their gain, the universe will reflect your virtuous deeds with greater abundance. Your desires have more power to manifest when you have generated a store of good karma for yourself.

Within righteousness is also your sense of deserving. If you want something but do not believe that you deserve to have it, your conflicting belief will repel your desire away from you. If you want to receive what you desire, you must believe that you have the right to have it. The why behind your intention is also your fire to achieve it. When you have a purpose for achieving something, you will be driven towards it. Fire is what supplements your thoughts, emotions and actions with the energy to keep on persisting.

The purpose behind an intent also determines its power to manifest. When you desire something for the greatest good of yourself and the universe, your intention is highly imbued with virtue. Any intent that is directly aligned with the nature of the universal mind will be aided by the entire universe itself. That is because you are not just having a personal intent but you are taking on the intents of the universe. Intents that are love based come from a holistic point of view. If God is for you, who can be against you?

When something isn’t happening for you, use wisdom to consider what might be a better intention to have? The universe is always working everything for your highest good, and it is always giving you what you really want. The universe is your total self and therefore you are never denied your true will. Your manifestation can also happen faster and more easily when you have opportunities and contacts set up on the physical plane. Success sets the stage for further success. Everything plays a part in completion.

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