Unlock Your Full Potential By Moving From Force to Power

By Thomas Herold in Research on September 19th, 2006 / One Comment

The new science of Kinesiology ushered in a powerful diagnostic tool called “muscle testing”. Muscle testing is a simple procedure for testing strong/weak responses, such as that of an outstretched arm, in response to questioning.

Despite the revolutionary nature of these discoveries, most people are willing to rationalize that something other than the “conscious mind” is at play, something whose function it is to oversee the well-being of the individual and manage the body’s myriad complex subsystems.

It could then be extrapolated that this benign functionality – “subconscious mind”, “field” or whatever – would be willing to communicate with the “outside world” when matters regarding the well-being of its charge were concerned.

Dr. Hawkins, however, has taken a quantum leap with the idea of muscle testing. Rather than simply regarding the field or subconscious mind as the governing mechanism of the individual’s body, he applied muscle testing in the context of traditional metaphysical paradigms stating that all things are connected, that all events, actions, thoughts and emotions are written into the unlimited database of consciousness, and that as participants in this universe, we all have access to that database.

Thus through muscle testing we have the ability to get the answer to any question we can formulate (except pertaining to the future, which has not yet been written into the record). The implications of this are staggering. Did aliens put a face on Mars? Is the government telling the truth about thus-and-such? We now have the means for direct knowledge.

Most authors would be content to base an entire book solely on these revelations, but surprisingly this is merely the groundwork laid out by Dr. Hawkins for the rest of the book! Based on thousands of studies using these methods, striving for 100% repeatability on the tests, he explains many aspects of human experience including a scale of consciousness.
Based on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1000, all ideas, emotions, concepts, thoughts, works of art, literature and science, resonate at some level. Above the level of 200 these energies are considered nurturing, positive and “good” (Power). Below 200 are energies that are destructive, negative and “evil” (Force).

Dr. Hawkins explores how “attractor” energies (mathematics from chaos theory) influence art, science, medicine and sports and examines the specific mechanisms leading to health and disease. He examines the quality of our institutions and discusses the nature of Consciousness and the path to Enlightenment. All concepts are presented with exceptional clarity and lucidity, without any sign of pedantry. Finally, as the title of the book suggests, one may attain a quantitative understanding of the difference between Power and Force.

This book is an absolute must for anyone searching for a better understanding of how reality works.

Moving From Force to Power
The book is divided into 3 parts. Part 1 describes the process of moving toward one’s ultimate potential. Dr. Hawkins then discusses his theory by explaining the progression from negative energy fields or attractors to positive attractors, which ultimately lead to pure consciousness. Based on 20 years of research, he has developed an intriguing map of consciousness, which in essence charts one’s spiritual growth. The map outlines a listing of attitudes and emotions with corresponding calibrated numerical values.

Feelings such as blame, anxiety and hate fall into negative energy attractor fields; affirmation, trust and optimism are examples of positive attractors that are life-enhancing and ultimately lead to pure consciousness. By applying principles from kinesiology and acupuncture, the author explains the association between positive attractor fields and one’s health, well-being and creativity.

Part 2 presents an extensive listing of adjectives that connote power vs force patterns of human attitudes. It provides a basis for examining the quality of human interactions and relationships in various life endeavors, eg, the marketplace, sports, the arts, health, and wellness.

Part 3 focuses on the evolution and current state of man’s consciousness, which Hawkins suggests is at the threshold of power after centuries of force. He posits that an individual’s power and level of consciousness can be enhance through greater integrity, understanding, and compassion.

Future Applications
Just imagine watching TV and in the right top corner you see a 3 digit number that represents the truth scale of the information you are watching. Would that change your opinion or your belief about the program?

What would happen to your shopping behavior when all goods included a truth scale on their advertisement? What would happen if all information would be coded with this numeric truth scale?

Available at amazon: Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

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One Response to “Unlock Your Full Potential By Moving From Force to Power”

  1. Karen Says:

    It is just wonderful that for every student or asker there is a teacher or mentor…Ask and it is given, every single time, no exceptions!
    What is ones truth or belief system? Just thoughts that they/you keep thinking..it’s all about the Law of Attraction!

    Truth Scale…? some people really believe what they are saying or seeing is the truth…so then would the scale be truthful? Who would be the orchestrator of the truth scale, who would set the parameters? We are all individual perceivers…not one of us has the same preception of an event!
    Maybe if all person on the TV news/ government, etc. , that made public statements, had to wear a device that could monitor truth for them, maybe…
    I think the best is to rely on our own guidance system…

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