Unveiling the Mystery of Consciousness Through Quantum Physics

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This audio course from Fred Alan Wolf gets you deep into the quantum mystery. Fred Alan Wolf is funny and has a wide bandwidth of knowledge that goes far beyond the usual quantum domain.

Dr. Quantum Presents: A User\'s Guide To Your UniverseThe course comes on 6 CD’s and covers also topics like dreaming, chamans, ancient kaballa, the meaning of numbers and a lot more. I enjoy listening to the CD’s even after the sixth time.

The art of “applied quantum physics” is learning how to harness the power of consciousness as we move through space and time. At the heart of quantum theory lies an astonishing (and scientifically proven) truth: that the very act of observing events in your life can alter their outcome. Our minds may not be just along for the ride in an impersonal universe, suggests Dr. Wolf. Instead, we can define the fabric of reality at a fundamental level with the choices we make, the things we choose to see or not see, and most importantly, our intentions in each moment.

How does the energy of your emotions change the physical state of your body? Can we actually perceive parallel universes? Is time travel possible for you at this very moment? On Dr. Quantum Presents: A User’s Guide to Your Universe, Fred Alan Wolf takes you outside the walls of the laboratory, through the pages of history, and into the land of dreams, alchemy, and enchantment.

With him, you will follow in the footsteps of such physics giants as Planck, Heisenberg, and Einstein, as you learn to reframe your perceptions of “ordinary” reality. Ultimately, you will learn to use the “Technology of God”—harnessing the power of your mind to become an active co-creator of the universe.

Until very recently, the principles of quantum physics would have been dismissed as nonsense, heresy, or worse. Today, they are proven facts. Now, join Fred Alan Wolf as he takes you on a breathtaking adventure of illumination to learn how this cutting-edge science of spirituality can revolutionize the way you think, act, and live.


  • How quantum physics guides us to a new way of seeing the universe
  • Is there really an “out there” out there?
  • Instructions for traveling through time (really!)
  • The Technology of God, and how you can use it every day
  • The logic of being “irrational”—how we can break out of old ways of thinking to fully interact with the universe
  • The Quantum Leap: the moment when we transform possibility into reality
  • Parallel realities—can we really connect to them with our minds?
  • Relativity, the space-time continuum, and weaving each moment of your life into the fabric of the cosmos
  • The meeting place between science and spirit—what shamans have to teach about physics
  • The “New Alchemy:” the nine steps for transforming your thoughts into matter
  • How the soul and self communicate at a subatomic level with the greater consciousness of the universe
  • 6 CDs featuring 7 1/2 hours of wisdom, lucidity, and humor from the superhero of infinite possibilities, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

Available at Amazon: Dr. Quantum – by Fred Alan Wolf

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