What If You Could Manifest Your Goals, Desires
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Use the Power of Neuro and Quantum Science to Imprint
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Why are some people more successful than others in fulfilling their goals and dreams? Isn’t it astonishing how some people fail all the time, while others turn everything they touch into gold?

  • Is it just dumb luck?
  • Does God rule over it?
  • Are some born with successful and predetermined genes?

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Imagine if there was an exact scientific method for manifesting all of your goals and life dreams. As you read every word of this article, you will come to understand the powerful and secret discoveries that even top leading quantum scientists couldn’t believe at first. Discoveries that unveil a universal formula on how your thoughts turn into reality.

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The Secret to Success Lies in Controlling Your Thoughts

Everything in the physical world is made of atoms. Atoms are made of energy. And energy is made of consciousness. Your thoughts not only matter, they create matter! Thought is where everything material comes from.

This simply means that there is no objective reality – just the opposite of what we were all taught in school.

How to Use the Power of Attention

Einstein declared eighty years ago that matter and energy are interchangeable. Within twenty years after his eloquent formulation of E=mc2, another huge revolution shook the foundations of our worldview again.

When analyzed at an atomic scale, matter no longer remains the tough, unchangeable substance we often believe. Instead, under the microscope, the basic building blocks of the universe are nothing more than 'packets of probability.'

Matter, on an atomic level, is simply a scattered field of potential and possibilities.

Even more bizarre, scientists speculate that mere intention alone is enough to influence this level of reality. Think about this for a moment and you'll begin to understand the infinite, natural power you may soon have access to.

Setting goals and intentions in your life is the single most important task.

Manifesting your goals and life dreams does not depend on your education or ethnicity or cultural heritage, and it isn't pre-determined by your environment. It is only the result of how and what you think!

When you learn to live from this level, you can spontaneously fulfill your every desire. You can create miracles. The master key is learning to think deliberately!

You set your goals and intentions with your conscious mind; however, the real act of achievement is happening is in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind uses about 83% of your brain mass. It is always in the present and its memory is infinite and (potentially) beyond time.

Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind processes about 400 billion bits of information per second and these impulses travel at a speed of up to 100,000 mph!

Compare this to your conscious mind, which processes only about 2,000 bits of information per second and its impulses travel only at 100-150 mph. Besides that, the conscious mind can only operate in the past or in the future, not in the now.

I am sure you have experienced at some time or another driving you car, and for an instant during the drive, you suddenly became aware that you were driving. Prior to that sudden conscious jolt into the present moment, your conscious mind was busy with thinking and your subconscious mind drove the car – all on its own.

How to Program Your Subconscious for Success

Setting goals and intentions is a conscious exercise. Achieving these goals is a spiritual and subconscious exercise.

This is where the Dream Manifestation Wizard comes in...

Dream Manifestation Wizard The Dream Manifestation Wizard is an award-winning software program that guides you in using intentions, combined with images and audio, plus repetition, to re-program your subconscious in the most efficient way possible.
There Are Three Ways to Program Your Subconscious:
  • Intensity – Imagine putting your hand on a hot stove
  • Repetition – Remember learning poems in school?
  • Neural Connections – Using the special Wizard program features

Make It Big – Really Big!
The Dream Manifestation Wizard guides you by helping you to identify what you really want in life. Don't make a mistake by starting out small – dream big, as big as you can. And when your dreams have attained that level, dream even larger.

  • What would you do if you lived to be 250 years old?
  • What would you do if you had only one month to live?
  • What would you do if you had ten million dollars in your account?

Then you craft a powerful goal or intention, combine it with a picture and your own voice and imprint this new information through repetition into your sub-consciousness until it becomes your new attitude or belief.

Over time this will create your new reality – and your dreams will manifest! Hidden within your deepest desires and highest dreams are the keys to your success.

Rewire Your BrainThe Most Profound Way to Rewire Your Brain
Every time you see your goal or intention presented by the Dream Manifestation Wizard on your screen, you physically rewire your brain by creating new neural pathways. This is the most powerful way to change the definition of yourself.

In the beginning, your conscious mind may experience some resistance to your new goal or intention. This simply means that you are getting out of your comfort zone and growing.

Over time it will get easier for your mind to accept these new commands. And after about two weeks, you'll find that your brain has been completely rewired and your new goal, intention or belief is fully integrated.

Common Reasons Why People Fail to Manifest What They Want

  • Holding a belief that success is simply luck
  • Not being able to change their thoughts
  • Wasting attention on things they don’t want
  • Having no goals or dreams in life
  • Not understanding that they have a choice
  • Not having knowledge of how the manifesting process works
  • Not having a tool to successfully re-program the mind

Don’t you feel it is time for you to step forward and take full control of your potential? The Dream Manifestation Wizard is a remarkably simple solution for manifesting your goals, dreams and desires in life.

This award-winning software application supports and guides you in manifesting precisely what you want from life.
What the Dream Manifestation Wizard Will Do for You:
  • Learn to set habits for creating abundance and prosperity
  • Develop a laser sharp focus to target your goals & desires
  • Achieve financial freedom and live an extraordinary life
  • Pin-point your talents and passions
  • Rewire your brain to make success inevitable
  • Make the right decisions with confidence and certainty
  • Learn a new revitalizing, life-changing way of thinking
  • Develop a positive attitude towards your life and others
  • Imprint your personal success formula on your consciousness
  • Develop an extraordinary imagination and creative power
  • Find your life partner and create authentic relationships
  • Learn how to contribute to a green and sustainable world
  • Rely on yourself instead on economy and government
  • Make powerful life decisions using your intuition

How Does the Dream Manifestation Wizard Software Work?

Once started, the Wizard will ask you what goal or dream you want to manifest in your life. The built-in Dream Questionnaire can guide you in answering by exploring your strengths and talents. It will help you focus on what you really desire.

Embrace Your Creative Power

Once you know your dreams, you write them into a Dream Template. By adding related pictures and your own voice, you are creating a multimedia event for your senses. This alone will make you feel excited and motivated, and will improve the overall effectiveness of your creative power.

Success is the outward manifestation of an inner focus, the result of steering thoughts toward a specific target. With over 550 ready-made templates organized into over 40 life categories - you'll be on your way to success in just seconds! You can also begin creating as many new templates as you wish.

SchedulerThe Power of Repetition
Next, the magic begins. Use the Scheduler to decide how often you want to program your goals or dreams into your subconscious. This will train your mind to focus on your dreams and take the necessary steps that will ultimately result in manifesting your goals and dreams in life.

Relax, sit back and work normally on your computer. The Dream Manifestation Wizard runs in the background and will provide an audible cue – a gong – before it displays your multimedia Dream Template at intervals you've specified.

Now the magic happens!

Every time a Dream Template appears on your screen, you automatically place your attention on that goal, intention or dream, and almost as a matter of course, begin to manifest it. By using pictures and your own voice, you effectively rewire your mind in no time at all.

Intention + Attention + Action = Manifestation

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The Dream Manifestation Wizard creates an exact blueprint in your subconscious of what you want to manifest. Your subconscious mind will immediately start to work on turning your dream into reality.

It works by applying the latest discoveries in quantum physics about the nature of consciousness and by shifting and directing your attention toward new possibilities. Acting on these possibilities will then bring your dreams to life.

Wherever you focus your attention, wherever you put your energy, that is what will grow. There are no limitations to the mind except those you choose to accept.

CoachGet Trained by Your Own Personal Coach!
The Dream Manifestation Wizard is currently the only program of its kind that includes a powerful electronic Coach. Why? As you know, your beliefs create your life experience.

Well, the Wizard's integrated Coach will help you discover and eliminate any limiting beliefs and replace them with supportive beliefs to help create more success in your life.

The Five Powerful Integrated Coaching Sessions:
  • Set powerful new money beliefs to create wealth
  • Remove health issues and improve your overall wellbeing
  • Eliminate stress in your life by managing your time better
  • Establish fulfilling and abundant relationships
  • Overcome mental limitations and create your dream career
It's an interactive adventure that will shift your state of mind. Within minutes you will experience clarity and see new possibilities to act upon.

Create iPod SessionsCreate Your Own Personalized Audio Sessions
But there is something even more exciting. With the click of a button the Dream Manifestation Wizard creates complete audio session from your Dream Templates. Just copy your session to a CD, your iPod® or MP3 player and you can listen to it in your car, at the gym or anywhere else.

In the morning – when you get up – start your day with a powerful audio session that will get you motivated and excited, programming your subconscious mind for lasting success.

Choose between a relaxed, meditative session or an inspiring, motivational one. Choose between a male or female voice. With one click, you can create your own Dream Audio Template.

Program Your Goals & Dreams Using Subliminal Technology

Subliminal messages are designed to pass below the normal limits of your perception. These messages are unrecognizable by the conscious mind; however, they significantly affect your subconscious mind.

Good subliminal CDs usually cost up to $100, and the generic style means they aren't always effective. With the Dream Manifestation Wizard you record your own powerful, personal messages, and input them directly into the subconscious. It's even more powerful, and it's just like gaining access to a secret control panel inside your brain.

The Dream Manifestation Wizard produces powerful changes – quicker than anything you've ever seen before.

Experience the Magic of Turning Your Desires into Intention

As long as you use the Dream Manifestation Wizard, your goals and dreams will manifest – and not just one, but all of them! It is the most profound and successful method of achievement you can tap into. Based on some of the latest scientific findings and studies, and verified by leading researchers in the field, this is one of the simplest and most powerful methods of producing change in your life.

It is the master key to unlocking the unlimited power of your consciousness. You begin to understand why you can’t afford to waste any more time getting less than everything that life has to offer you.
Key Benefits & Advantages of the Dream Manifestation Wizard
  • Walks you, step-by-step, through creating your Dream Templates
  • Simplifies the process of formulating your exact intentions
  • Learn thinking like a millionaire and create wealth and abundance
  • Imprints your personal success formula upon your subconscious
  • Create and manifest as many goals and dreams as you wish
  • Includes 550+ ready-to-use templates covering all areas of life
  • Aligns your talents and ambitions to produce truly startling results
  • Uses proven scientific facts from research in quantum physics
  • Helps you weed out limiting beliefs and plant supporting ones
  • Creates personalized audio session for iPod and any MP3 player
  • Keeps you realigned until your goals and dreams are manifested

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AUDIO BOOK: Study The Principles of Successful Manifesting

This life-changing audio book will teach you essential techniques for harnessing the power of your mind, and reveal effective and proven methods for achieving exactly what your heart desires.

It's like owning the universal blueprint to understanding your consciousness, and knowing how to use it to create the exact life you want. It covers:
The Principles of Successful Manifesting
  • Effective goal setting
  • The power of intuition
  • Life decisions made easy
  • Affirmation techniques
  • Enhance your imagination
  • Use quantum principles
  • Learn the law of attraction
  • Quickly shift your attitude

By listening to this audio book you will immediately understand and learn how to use your mind's full potential. It's like opening the secret door to your inner treasure trove. This is by far the quickest way to shift your mind into lasting success mode.

AUDIO MANIFESTATION: 18 Instant Manifesting Sessions

Get ready to fire up your neurons! Instantly manifest a new positive attitude and reprogram your mind for lasting success.

Simply play these manifestation sessions, and allow them to reprogram your mind as you listen. There are nine main sessions, with 'relaxing' and 'active' versions for each. Use the relaxing version as a meditation at home. Listen to the active version while driving or working out.

All sessions are 10-12 minutes long, and use 'brain-activating' music and spoken affirmations. Professionally recorded by a mix of male and female artists. Over 2 hours of total running time.

Over Nine Powerful Sessions Included - Covering:
Instant Manifesting Sessions
  • Business Success
  • Get What You Want
  • Supreme Self Confidence
  • Motivate Yourself
  • Love Yourself
  • Lose Weight
  • Increase Mind Power
  • Improve Relationships
  • Money & Wealth

SUBLIMINAL AUDIO: Reprogram with Subliminal Messages

Help change how you think, from the inside! The subliminal messages on these two powerful audio sessions will help to influence and condition your subconscious, to create the life you've always wanted.

Different messages are played simultaneously in the left and right channels. This process overwhelms the conscious mind, allowing commands to hit the subconscious directly. This has been proven to be the most efficient way to subliminally reprogram neural pathways, setting the psychological stage for manifesting your life dreams.

There are 2 sessions (one recorded with a male voice, one with a female) each covering 9 topics in each recording. There is no need to focus on the spoken messages. The more you relax, the more effective the results. Each session is engineered for maximum effect in the shortest amount of time. Total running time ~1 hour.

Each Subliminal Session Covers These Powerful Topics:
Subliminal Manifesting Sessions
  • Get Motivated
  • Get What You Want
  • Supreme Self Confidence
  • Business Success
  • Enhance Your Creative
  • Improved Relationships
  • Money & Wealth
  • Increase Your Mind Power
  • Effective Weight Loss

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This Dream Manifestation Kit is the result of 27 years of intensive research into the incredible power of the human consciousness. Learn to control your consciousness with each thought, desire and action. Discover what truly gives your life meaning and translate your insights into a compelling life vision.

Successful manifesting of your life goals and dreams is no longer an act of random luck. When you start using the Dream Manifestation Kit, you align yourself with the power of the universe to create nonstop abundance. You will re-connect with your soul purpose and start creating the life you desire. Think of sparkling champagne, bubbling with zest and optimism: this will be you.

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  • 18 Instant Manifesting Sessions - over 2 hours of audio
  • 2 Subliminal Manifesting Sessions - covering 9 life areas

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