You Will Never Want to Wake Up Any Other Way

By Thomas Herold in Product Reviews on August 23rd, 2006 / No Comments

Zen Alarm ClockInnovative Colorado company introduces the world’s most exquisite alarm clock, waking its users with a series of rich acoustic gong strikes.

Every once in a while a new product comes along that really rocks the category of products to which it belongs. The new Zen Timepiece™ from Now & Zen, Inc. is just such a product – it’s an alarm clock with a large solid brass bowl-gong that fills the room with a series of rich, subtle, acoustic sounds that make waking up a ‘spiritual experience.’

When the alarm is triggered, the Zen Timepiece strikes its bowl-gong just once, producing an exquisitely deep, long-resonating gong sound … then, after the first strike, it automatically strikes again in 3-1/2 minutes … then in 2 minutes … then in 1 minute … gong strikes gradually increase in frequency over 10 minutes, eventually striking every 5 seconds until turned off.

According to the product’s inventor and Now & Zen CEO, Steve McIntosh, “it’s the most aesthetically sophisticated alarm clock ever made. It’s not a gimmick or a novelty, it makes a real difference in the quality of your life – once you experience it, you’ll never want to wake up any other way.”

Boulder Colorado-based Now & Zen has been making beautiful acoustic alarm clocks, starting with the now world famous Zen Alarm Clock®, for over 10 years. The new Zen Timepiece, however, is a real breakthrough for the company.

Tehya McIntosh, Now & Zen’s vice president, explained: “We’ve been working on this for a long time, it’s the result of a decade of product evolution at Now & Zen. This product definitely extends our brand’s mission, which is to serve the growing demographic of people who prefer things natural – natural foods, natural fibers, natural materials, and now with our products, natural acoustic sounds – over the years we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make authentic products for authentic people.”

The Zen Timepiece is much more than an alarm clock, it also functions as a countdown timer for personal practices such as yoga, meditation, or bodywork. McIntosh added: “It’s the perfect accoutrement for meditation or yoga; it helps you make time for your practice because it’s so beautiful and fun.” The volume of the clock’s gong strikes can be adjusted over a wide range from soft, subtle ring tones to loud, bold gongs. This allows the user to customize the sound according to her preference.

The clock can also be set to strike its gong on the hour, serving as a ‘mindfulness bell’ – a contemplative practice recommended by spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

As beautiful to see as it is to hear, the Zen Timepiece is also a decorative accessory that adds elegance to any room. Its wood platform (available in cherry or maple) is designed to be positioned either with the clock’s digital display to the front, or turned around, with the bowl-gong in the front.

Although the clock looks good both ways, when the digital display is turned to the back it accentuates the clock’s natural theme and helps reduce the visual clutter of electronic modernity in one’s interior environment.

At a suggested retail price of $139, it may be the world’s most expensive alarm clock, but according to Steve McIntosh, it’s definitely worth it: “Waking up in the morning is a metaphor for life, and anything that adds grace and beauty to this daily process is a good investment.”

When you use the Zen Timepiece it’s like waking up in a Zen temple.

See the complete line of natural lifestyle products at: Now & Zen

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